What We Do

Scantec Refrigeration, are experts in the design and technology of industrial and commercial refrigeration.

Our passion for environmentally friendly economic systems, predominantly employing environmentally benign natural refrigerants such as NH3 and CO2 sets us apart. We are committed to designing, building and installing leading-edge, highly functional, energy-efficient, cost-effective systems. We are dedicated to industry leadership through innovation and leading-edge technology and we design advanced temperature regulated environments on an industrial scale. Take a look at some of our recent projects here.

Our in-house team of design engineers and technicians construct reliable, optimal solutions tailor-made to suit operations and positively impact profitability. Read more about our specialist technology here.

We have designed and constructed thousands of systems to date, with several hundred embedding our in-house designed computerized control and monitoring (SCADA) systems. Read more about our systems.

You can rest assured that your system (new or upgraded) is fully supported by our incredible service maintenance team who take care of all types of industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems and not just our own. With our comprehensive 24/7 breakdown service and a large range of spare parts on hand, our service fleet is able to respond quickly to minimise downtime and potential losses. Learn more about our services here.

Scantec Refrigeration Credentials

As well as being experts in commercial and industrial refrigeration, At Scantec Refrigeration, we are also world-leading designers and suppliers of the most energy-efficient centralized low charge NH3 plants.

Our company has the greatest track record of low temperature, centralized low charge NH3 refrigeration plants globally and with the most extensive record of energy performance measurements in such systems.

We pioneered the first NH3 based air conditioning system in a public administration building in Australia. It is estimated that the ammonia-based chiller system we installed for Logan City Council is saving $200,000 per year in costs relative to the system it replaced. The system saves on all carbon-related costs and has a coefficient performance of 5.79, which radically reduced energy costs.

We also pioneered the first subcritical CO2 based refrigeration system in the Southern hemisphere in modern times in 2000 (Qantas/SnapFresh).

Scantec Refrigeration, are one of only two industrial refrigeration companies in Australia that designs PLC-based control systems and SCADA monitoring systems in house – we are the only company with such an extensive record of operating systems in the field.

We are the only industrial refrigeration outfit with the ability to model the performances of tube/fin evaporators/air coolers in house using an internally developed software package – this is one of the foundations for the progress that has been made in centralized, low charge NH3 refrigeration plant.

We are the holders of the US Patent for the LOGAS defrost system, enabling a further reduction of ammonia inventories and further improvements of energy efficiency and refrigeration plant safety.

We are the first Australian industrial refrigeration company to prove that centralized, low charge NH3 systems are a viable alternative to medium size, industry-standard, air-cooled HFC based systems and a viable alternative to industry-standard transcritical CO2 systems.

We are a proposer of an empirically based, best practice energy performance benchmark for refrigerated warehouses.

We are designers and installers of the first refrigerated warehouse in Australia with cold lake air distribution completely avoiding air coolers and ducting within the refrigerated space.

Scantec Refrigeration, are the first company globally to install insulated coolers with automatic ambient air defrost that also prevent contamination of the refrigerated space in the event of a refrigerant leak.

We completed the first successful conversion of a large scale plate freezer for standard meat cartons to a secondary potassium carbonate brine while retaining a 24-hour freezing cycle. This eliminates the safety issues associated with large NH3 inventories in most abattoirs.

Scantec Refrigeration, are the first Australian company to introduce high-pressure liquid-based oil separation with automatic oil return in ammonia refrigeration plants.

We are the first Australian industrial refrigeration company to design batch blast freezer with -42°C evaporating temperature for ammonia refrigerant and dry expansion refrigerant feed.

We are the first company globally to demonstrate, by way of energy performance records, the significant energy performance penalty associated with liquid overfeed as compared with dry expansion in a large ammonia refrigeration plant.