Food Service Facility Mackay

At a Glance

  • Low temperature/Medium temperature refrigeration capacities 50/50 kW
  • Refrigerated volume 5,250 m³
  • Reduction in monthly electricity costs from approximately $20,000 to $10,000 as a result of the conversion
  • Specific energy consumption 59-88 kWh/m³ per year (before conversion 206 kWh/m³ per year)
  • Simple payback period <4 years for the differential investment over and above conventional concepts

This ScanPAC low charge ammonia refrigeration system served as an add-on to replaced an industry-standard air-cooled R404A based refrigeration system at an existing food services facility in Mackay. The conversion from R404A to ammonia resulted in a recorded reduction in specific energy consumption of 57-71% depending on the time of year.

The inclusion of a ScanPAC enclosure meant that the site installation time could be reduced to three weeks excluding freezer temperature pull-down period. The low ammonia inventory of <250 kg ensures that the facility does not need to be classified as a Dangerous Goods Storage facility. The very low operating ammonia inventory within the freezer store of less than one kg minimizes risks to occupants.

This innovative, advanced system is cost-effective and as a small-scale packaged design, the ScanPAC is engineered to last and it can be relocated. It provides a long-term solution as it retains its asset value.

Scantec Refrigeration ScanPAC features

  • Three compressor packages (two duty and one standby) including top and side water cooling circuit; designed as an advanced two dual‐stage compression system with built-in capacity control combined with rotational speed control
  • Evaporative condenser with stainless steel coil and stainless steel casing
  • Modulating high-pressure float valve for ammonia inventory minimization
  • Secondary refrigerant loop for medium temperature rooms eliminating the presence of ammonia in these areas
  • Automatic hot-gas defrost for low-temperature room
  • Automatic off-cycle defrost for medium temperature rooms
  • Desiccant drier in the freezer for minimization of defrost frequency and prevention of slippery floors
  • Low-temperature accumulator package complete with water removal function
  • Medium temperature accumulator package combined with glycol/ammonia heat exchanger

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