24/7 Breakdown Service

Scantec specialise in break-down service to industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems employing all refrigerants

Scantec Refrigeration Technologies Pty. Ltd. operates a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles. All vehicles are fitted with the latest GPS technology. This enables on-line monitoring of vehicle locations at all times and hence minimisation of response times.

All service technicians are equipped with the latest model tablet computers. These are regularly updated with the latest technical information in relation to the plants and equipment being serviced. At the conclusion of each service call you, the client, will have an opportunity to review the work completed on the tablet screen and, if you wish, on the job site. All invoicing takes place electronically by means of web links between individual tablet computers and the service head quarters.

Any maintenance/service issues to be addressed in connection with the current or the next preventative service are also recorded electronically using individual tablet computers. This is carried out using electronic photographs as well written field service reports. Through central storage and distribution of this information, continuity and minimisation of costs are ensured should another service technician attend to the plant at a later stage.

Break-down service is available 24 hours daily, 7 days per week. Scantec operates an after-hours service facility with service technicians, electrical engineers and PLC programmers on call at all times. Most modern refrigeration and air conditioning systems are electronically controlled and monitored. The in-house electrical division of Scantec ensures expedient and competent response to any control problems encountered by any customer.

If you need urgent service or would like to know about our breakdown services contact us.