Scanpac Refrigeration

At a Glance

A wise investment

  • Huge energy cost savings
  • Minimal life cycle costs
  • Future proof
  • Long life expectancy

Easy and effortless

  • True Plug and Play
  • Remain open for business
  • No need for a separate plant room
  • Low maintenance
  • Systems are relocatable

HFC phase-down ready

  • Uses natural refrigerants NH3
  • DX systems contains 3-5 times less ammonia than conventional plants
  • Compliant with future environmental legislation

Completely Safe

  • Low ammonia inventory = improved safety
  • Freezer NH3 inventory 0.01 to 0.02 kg per kW
  • Non-corrosive materials

If you are considering investing in a new refrigeration plant or intend to retrofit an existing plant, a ScanPAC may be an excellent option.

As a small-scale packaged centralized low-charge ammonia refrigeration system that does not require a separate plant room, these advanced industrial and commercial systems are extremely cost-effective and you can expect to see a huge reduction in both energy and maintenance bills.

Powered by natural refrigerants, using low charge ammonia technology, ScanPAC systems contain 3-5 times less ammonia than conventional plants and they are HFC phase-down ready. This means you will not need to upgrade any of your equipment down the track due to the phase-out of HFC’s.

As a small-scale packaged design, ScanPAC’s are relocatable if necessary and as a long-term solution, they retain their asset value as they are engineered to last. Other significant advantages of a low charge NH3 system include:

  • Documented annual energy performance improvements of up to 67% compared with single-stage, multiplexed, air-cooled HFC based systems with electric defrost
  • Overall NH3 inventory typically 0.7-1.2 kg of NH3 per kW cooling capacity or 3-5 times lower than equivalent conventional NH3 plants with liquid overfeed
  • Automatic ambient air defrost, hot gas defrost or patented LOGAS defrost
  • The use of 304SS interconnection NH3 pipelines means no rust – no painting – ever!

Ammonia is steadily advancing into application areas that were previously reserved for synthetic HFC refrigerants. A primary advantage of ammonia is the superior cycle efficiency when used as a refrigerant in a vapour compression refrigeration system.

At Scantec Refrigeration Technologies we have a history of excellent energy performance results with annual energy consumption reduction values of 58% to 71% compared with industry-standard HFC-based systems.

An individual ScanPAC suits a small to medium-sized cold store at a size of around 30,000m³ or less, however for larger facilities multiple ScanPACs may be required. Download the ScanPAC Brochure (goes straight to your downloads) or click here to contact us today. Click play to view the video below.