At Scantec we leverage our extensive industrial refrigeration expertise to develop cutting edge, innovative technologies

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative refrigeration technology to industries in Australia and around the world. Our market-leading technologies are changing the status quo of what our industry believes is possible in efficiency and sustainability.

Our research and development focuses on the creation of game-changing refrigeration technologies that are simply more effective, simply more efficient and simply more sustainable.

Greener Faster

We identify smarter solutions that will help your organisation become more sustainable through leading technology. Refrigeration and cooling is a major investment and running costs are an expensive ongoing cost centre. Our efficient technologies can deliver a 40-70% reduction in energy consumption, which is better for both your bottom line and the environment.

Scantec can help future-proof your business, allowing it to become Greener Faster. By investing now, you can meet sustainability targets sooner. Contact us today, whatever the task, and we will deliver an uncompromising commitment to quality, technological innovation and finding new and better ways of utilising existing technologies and systems.