Quality Engineering

Cumulatively Scantec has more than 150 years of solid industrial refrigeration engineering experience

Feel free to talk to Scantec about any refrigeration, air conditioning, freezing system or control problem you may be experiencing. There is a very good chance we may be in a position to assist. Some examples of problems we have helped our clients solve with a minimum of fuss are:

  • Excessive retention times in plate freezers
  • Automatic tunnel freezer performance deficiencies
  • Dry expansion ammonia plant performance problems
  • General air cooler performance modeling
  • Air cooler performance deficiencies caused by circuiting errors or other issues
  • Excessive pressure drops in wet return lines and wet return risers
  • Detailed plant analyses to determine bottle necks and plan future expansions
  • Condenser performance deficiencies caused by incorrect piping and other issues
  • Thermosyphon oil cooler performance problems
  • Safety audits
  • Heat recovery applications
  • Planning and implementation of energy efficiency measures
  • Refrigerant conversions
  • Condensation control
  • Control system modifications including writing and implementation of new code
  • Replacement of outdated PLC based control systems with minimum down-time
  • Vibration and noise problems

Our engineering services are regarded as the best in the business, talk to us about what we can do for you.