Computerised Control And Monitoring - PLC/SCADA Systems

Our Computerised Control and Monitoring Systems are developed 100% in-house by Scantec Electrical Engineers.

We live in the computer age. One of the many ways to minimise energy and other operating costs for our customers is by incorporating our considerable mechanical engineering knowledge into computerised control and monitoring (SCADA) systems that we design, develop and implement in-house.

At Scantec, we have several hundred in-house engineered control and monitoring systems operating successfully in Australia, China and Papua New Guinea. Significant practical experiences have taught Scantec electrical engineers what works, what makes control systems reliable and what type of control is best suited to the refrigeration or air conditioning system in question.The intellectual property in our PLC and SCADA systems is cumulative and is like a common DNA in all plants.

A Scantec refrigeration or air conditioning system is not just electronically controlled. It is controlled in a manner that is exclusive to Scantec. It is controlled in a way that reflects all the practical experiences from hundreds of different plants and systems installed over decades in a large number of different applications.

As a service to our customers we offer remote system monitoring and analysis via the SCADA systems and a remote access interface such as the internet. Often detailed analysis of plant trends presents itself as a powerful tool for identifying and/or preventing plant break-downs before they actually occur. This brings a new and very cost effective meaning to the saying that prevention is better than the cure.

Our computerised control and monitoring systems can deliver great benefits for your facilities, to find out more contact us today.