Port Melbourne ScanPAC

At a Glance

  • Low temperature/medium temperature refrigeration capacities 96/100 kW
  • Refrigerated volume 23,000 m³, freezer volume 16,000 m³
  • Specific Energy Consumption 26 kWh/m³*a
  • Alcove freezer evaporator with automatic ambient air defrost
  • Ammonia inventory <300 kg
  • Desiccant dryer in the freezer
  • Completion 2016

Port Melbourne is one of our ScanPAC projects. This project was particularly unusual because it is installed inside a dry store with air for condensing and emergency ventilation ducted in/out of the dry store.

There is no engine room as such and the plant has an NH3 inventory <500 kg. This means the site is safe and NOT classified as a dangerous goods storage site. In addition, it is only a ten year lease so the plant owner can take the plant to a new site if the lease isn’t renewed. To read more bout our ScanPAC packaged design click here.

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