Spare Parts

The most urgent part is the one you need now

Almost all refrigeration and air conditioning systems include wear parts. Elements belonging to that category are drive belts, bearings, gear wheels, seals, valve seats, filters, lubricants etc. At Scantec we stock many commonly used refrigeration and air conditioning components. Stock levels and stock items are determined based on statistics and internal communication in relation to the refrigeration plants we design and build.

Break-downs and plant stoppages are unavoidable, but the probability of break-downs can be minimised by quality engineering. The effects to the user of break-downs can often be eliminated completely by incorporating redundancy in the system design. Determining the fine balance between plant capital costs, appropriate redundancy and parts availability requires years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the application for which a refrigeration plant is to be used.

At Scantec we will do our best to stock the parts you need to either keep you going or to minimise down-time. We are crucially aware that the longer you wait for a part, the greater the inconvenience and the costs of down-time will be. Our service commitment to you is minimisation of delivery time of parts irrespective of whether these are sourced from our own extensive stock of parts or whether they need to be sourced overseas and air freighted in.

Contact us today, we’ll find that part you need.