We are refrigeration experts supporting a wide variety of industries including cold storage, food processing, beverage, production, and the manufacturing and resource industries.

Our expert team bring to you an unrivalled dedication to exceeding your expectations – whatever the task – and an uncompromising commitment to finding new and better ways through innovative technology.

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Who we are

The Scantec team comprises a group of highly qualified, dedicated industry specialists with multi-facetted experience from all over the world.

Our expertise lies in: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, refrigeration plant and heat exchanger design, refrigeration and freezing systems, control and monitoring (SCADA) systems.

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What we do

At Scantec we provide industrial refrigeration and environment control solutions, which to the greatest possible extent are environmentally benign.

Our systems are primarily designed with natural refrigerants such as ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Our systems achieve the energy efficiencies required to be environmentally responsible the future.

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The Scantec team comprises a group of highly qualified, dedicated industrial refrigeration specialists with multifaceted experience from all over the world.
Together we bring to our projects an uncompromising commitment to quality, innovation and finding new and better ways.

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The Castlemaine Perkins Brewery, easily identifiable by its iconic XXXX sign, is one of the most recognisable landmarks of Brisbane

In March 2012 Scantec was awarded the prestigious mechanical services contract for the new Qantas Catering Facility situated at the Brisbane Airport.

This refrigeration system refrigerates a food service plant in Dandenong, Victoria. This is the first and only plant where a dry expansion shell and tube NH3/glycol heat exchanger has been employed.

Port Melbourne is one of our ScanPAC projects. This project was particularly unusual because it is installed inside a dry store. with aAir for condensing and emergency ventilation is ducted in/out of the dry store.

This refrigeration plant in Bendigo refrigerates a food service facility. The refrigerated volume is 8,300 m³ of which 5,300 m³ is frozen storage. The plant concept is transcritical CO2 - design and installation by Scantec.

This ScanPAC low charge ammonia refrigeration system served as an add-on to replaced an industry-standard air-cooled R404A based refrigeration system.

This ammonia refrigeration system services a food distribution facility in Sydney. The plant is designed by Scantec Refrigeration as a dual compression stage plant.

This QCT (Quick Chill Tunnel) is an ammonia refrigeration system designed as a dual compression stage plant with two dedicated low temperature booster compressor.

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