Ultra Low Temperature Storage With R729

At a Glance

  • Optimized ultra-low temperature storage
  • Elements filled with rigid polyurethane foam with insulation thickness up to 200 mm
  • Weatherproof roof. Closed-temperature-controlled machine compartment
  • Air-cooled water chiller
  • Hydraulic module with a regulated pump and 60-litre storage tank

At Scantec Refrigeration we are offering a new generation of storage facilities with ultra-low temperatures down to -110 ℃. These ultra-low temperature storage rooms for flexible use are reliable, efficient and safe for people and the environment.

These ultra low-temperature storage solutions with air (R729) as a refrigerant are optimized to operate at -80 ℃, but any temperature in the range from -40 ℃ to -90 ℃ can be achieved without any difficulty (−110℃ possible after adjustment). The chamber is controlled automatically and equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting. The insulation consists of extra stable low-temperature insulation panels with minimal thermal bridging manufactured from polyurethane foam, integrated vacuum panels and hooks. Particularly important is the oil-free refrigeration system, which uses only air as the refrigerant.

Significant for the energy efficiency of the cold room are the optimal storage temperature, temperature tolerance, electrical installations, the loading and unloading processes as well as the specific surface. The specific surface is the ratio of the surface area to storage volume. This is particularly critical when a single storage room is replaced with many, individual refrigerators.

With several smaller refrigerators, energy consumption for identical operations can be 10 times higher, than for one large cooling chamber. The storage temperature can be continuously adjusted according to your needs. Less energy loss while loading/unloading due to the airlock. The shape is optimized to have large storage space with low surface area, yet easy to transport. A real all-rounder!

Key product features

    • Future-proof technology – As a natural refrigerant – air is free, completely safe and there are no regulations
    • High reliability – This is proven technology with no malfunction due to liquid refrigerant flooding the compressors or negative pressures in the system. Low wear technology
    • Flexible – These storage rooms are transportable and easy to install, storage temperatures are adjustable from -40 ℃ to -90 ℃ without system adjustment (optional -110 ℃)
    • Safe for people and the environment – Completely natural refrigerant with no high pressures, without toxicity and without flammability, 0 GWP, 0 ODP, 0 TFA
    • Low maintenance and durable – No leak test is required, compressor with air-bearings = no wear, no oil. High-quality insulation
    • Higher efficiency than refrigerators and standard storage facilities -Speed-controlled, no evaporator, expander with energy recovery to the turbine, low spec. surface, vacuum insulation and airlock

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