Our Scantec Refrigeration Services team service all types of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems and compressors including the servicing and commissioning of low charge ammonia systems.

With our in-house electronics team and PLC trained personnel which includes a dedicated in-house electrical engineer, we are able to find faults where others may not and find quick solutions and a fast turn around for refrigeration replacement parts or repairs. We have specialist expertise in PLC / DX systems.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional high-quality service and we have the in-house expertise and experience to offer a broad range of refrigeration services including:

  • Overhauls to all makes of refrigeration compressors as well as the calibration of temperature sensors with certificated equipment. (Nata certified equipment)
  • Remote site access for refrigeration system monitoring and fault finding (If the program is installed into PC this will allow our PLC programmers remote access to carry out any required fault-finding or correction work quickly this can also be carried out 24/7
  • Advanced Refrigeration Engineering design and installation using the latest technologies including DX systems that greatly reduce energy and operation costs compared to convention systems. (Dependant on application)
  • Specialised refrigeration systems and designs including environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • Natural refrigerant options
  • Plant audits
  • Energy management
  • Project management
  • Electrical engineering including design and programming of SCADA and PLC programs.
  • SCADA PLC Support (Scantec has 3 in-house in programmers in Brisbane with 24 hours service and if remote access is available issues can be addressed remotely. We store various PLC and electrical spare parts in stock generally for emergency’s and projects as we are authorised dealers for these products)
  • Calibration of ammonia detectors (NEW)
  • Pre-planned shutdown maintenance work (every day except public holidays)

For a service job quotation or request please call our service team on 07 3890 9400 or email For out of hours emergencies, please call our 24-hour service line on 07 3051 3931.

Refrigeration and Allied Engineering Services

Scantec Refrigeration Technologies Pty. Ltd. is a specialist provider of industrial refrigeration engineering services both nationally and internationally.

We provide high quality and extensive services in the areas of industrial refrigeration and freezing with emphasis on the use of natural refrigerants like NH3 and CO2. Our expertise also extends to heat exchanger design and rating techniques, prediction of chilling and freezing times, chemical unit operations, refrigeration plant analysis, energy recovery, safety audits, electronic control, electronic monitoring and electrical design.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about our specialist refrigeration services.