Food Service Facility Bendigo

This refrigeration plant in Bendigo refrigerates a food service facility. The refrigerated volume is 8,300 m³ of which 5,300 m³ is frozen storage. The plant concept is transcritical CO2 – design and installation by Scantec.

Prior to the introduction of the HFC refrigerant phase-down in Australia (and the World), a food service facility of this size would typically have employed HFC (Freon) refrigerants.

Refrigerant CO2 is a natural working fluid. It is completely future proof. It will not be subject to phase-down for environmental reasons whereas most synthetic refrigerants are or will be.

In the Bendigo climate, the annualized energy consumption of this type of plant is around 1.4 times higher than the energy consumption of an equivalent centralized, low charge ammonia system. The CO2 system is also significantly less capital intensive.

This project reveals an important message relating to the economic viability of transcritical CO2 versus low charge NH3. For refrigerated volumes above approximately 10,000 m³, the simple payback for the differential investment between transcritical CO2 and low charge NH3 is quite attractive – usually around 3-5 years.

Scantec are refrigeration experts. To enquire about a transcritical CO2 plant design, contact us today or call 07 3890 9400.

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