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There's a reason why energy efficiency is all the rage and it's not just the green buildings movement. Food distribution businesses are moving away from refrigeration warehouses powered by harmful refrigerants to a far more efficient alternative and in many cases, are saving up to 70% in energy costs as we have seen at Scantec.

With the temperature-controlled supply chain being one of the most energy-intensive areas of the food industry, lessening the environmental impact is not only a trend but it is also a way for companies to reduce their energy bill significantly in 2021.

Whether or not a company is looking to upgrade or expand their existing warehouse or food distribution facility in the coming year, the equipment will need to be changed at some point due to the HFC phase-down and so the key question is why wait? By replacing or modifying operations today, energy cost-saving benefits can be immediately reaped.

Other than the increased energy efficiency and the immediate drop in energy costs, what our clients have also typically experienced is a huge drop in their maintenance costs annually as well. The low charge ammonia systems by Scantec are robust, durable and reliable.

Companies can cool the climate as well as food and slice their energy bill, without switching anything off and continue business as usual. They can do this with a ScanPAC which is a packaged centralized low-charge ammonia refrigeration system that does not require a separate plant room.

These advanced industrial and commercial systems are extremely efficient and cost-effective. If you are considering investing in a new refrigeration plant or intend to retrofit an existing plant, a ScanPAC is an excellent option. A lot of the time, businesses go for the cheapest option when it comes to refrigeration equipment upgrades and replacements, but we encourage our clients to think longer-term. A ScanPAC is an attractive long term solution. To read more about out ScanPACs click here.

At Scantec we have a track record of the most extensive record of energy performance measurements in low temperature, centralized low charge NH3 refrigeration systems globally.

To enquire about changing a refrigerated warehouse over to an innovative highly efficient system such as a low charge ammonia system to reduce costs, contact the Scantec team today. Drop a line to or call us on 07 3890 9400.

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