Toowoomba Ice Cream Factory

Upgrade - Weis Ice Cream, Toowoomba

Weis Ice Cream in Toowoomba, Queensland is a well-known Australian manufacturer of specialized frozen desserts, ice cream and other frozen snacks. The unique blend of fruit, ice cream and the very specialized shapes of the dessert portions have made Weis Ice Cream a very sought after brand. Anyone who has been a passenger on an Australian aircraft would most likely have enjoyed a Weis Ice Cream frozen after dinner dessert or snack.

Such was the increasing demand for Weis products that Weis management decided to upgrade the production facility. To this end approaches were made to several process engineering consultants and providers of turn-key solutions. Eventually Weis Ice Cream settled for the combined solution offered by Scantec Refrigeration Technologies Pty. Ltd. and Spaceframe Buildings Pty. Ltd. Based on the combined experiences of both companies from a wide range of turn-key solutions to the food processing and refrigerated warehouse industries, Scantec and Spaceframe were in an excellent position to satisfy the particular needs of Weis Ice Cream.

The combined efforts of Scantec and Spaceframe included services such as process engineering, refrigeration, blast freezing, ice cream hardening, structural engineering, fire engineering, general building services, development approvals and overall project management. The Weis Ice Cream project is just one of many examples of what the combined ability of two industry experts can deliver to end-users in terms of value for money, quality and suitability for purpose.

During the process of the upgrade most of the existing hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) based refrigeration and air conditioning systems were removed from service. Although the carbon equivalent HFC levy of $23/ton of CO2e was not yet a reality when the project commenced, the refrigeration system design reflected the high probability of this political move. Weis Ice Cream can therefore now enjoy almost complete immunity from any commercial risks associated with loss of HFC refrigerants and future national and international phase-down measures in relation to HFC refrigerants.

At a Glance

  • Turn-key expansion project
  • Two-stage ammonia plant with liquid overfeed
  • CaCl2 secondary refrigerant loop
  • Novel blast freezer set-up within the freezer store
  • Process engineering